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Nice apartment for your family

Sale | 130 sq m | Locations: Almería, Roquetas de mar
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About this Propiedad:

Getting a home for your family has never been easier !!. Dream space where children play, a kitchen to eat all with playground. What more could you want? Something independently without community, affordable, in a good area, with services, the best public schools in Roquetas. And without further ado I present not a house but a home. 4 bedroom, two full bathrooms, one en suite and another that provides services to the other three. And at the bottom I dreamed of space for all, huge designer kitchen with a large pantry, laundry, toilet, and living in two heights. The living room gives access, at the front of a huge yard of 80 m2 with pergola and another on the back porch of 20 m2, and taken advantage of all the space at the top above a small loft bedroom. The house is completely renovated, in bathrooms, kitchen, plumbing and electricity, all you have to origin is the facade. BEST !!!! Located seen to be believed in the area of ​​Aguadulce, called Campillo del Moro. Campillo del Moro, conocidad as the best area to live in a family, for your safety as well as for being next to all kinds of services, such as public schools, colleges, parks, recreation areas, supermarkets and all kinds of establecimentos. [REF: 3413-3350]