British Television

Extra Channels & TV Catchup – We offer 40+ UKTV & Radio channels and a 14 Day Catchup service with all our TV channels.
You can watch shows up to 14 days old all from the comfort of you sofa using our Set Top Box.
As well as watching the shows you’ve missed, you can pause them, rewind and fast forward. So even if there is nothing on to suit you, you have 14 days of 40 channels worth of programs to keep you entertained.

We offer a system that provides these channels through the internet. If you don´t have a landline and don´t want to have to pay for 12 months of this service plus the broadband internet you can have a small arial installed on your roof or even on a wall of a terrace and pay much less.
If you already have a landline and internet we can still provide you with the channels.


4mb Internet service 12,89€+VAT per month, 80€ Installation Fee.
6mb Internet 19,95€+VAT per month, 50€ Installation Fee.
(5€ a month for calendar months not used).

WIFI Router 25€.
TV Receiver 127€(Special Offer).
14,95€+VAT per month Channel Service.
When not used for one calendar month, no charge.
After instalation, the first 6 months have to be paid for even if not used.


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