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With tourism being the main driving force of Spain’s economy and many Andalusian regions being some of the most popular tourist hotspots, it comes at no surprise that many property owners on the Costa de Almeria decide to venture into renting their properties.

Holiday rental of private properties can be a very lucrative business, but as any other industry it comes with its own laws and regulations. The Andalusian government had worked on its own regulations aimed at standardizing the holiday rental industry to meet the demands of tourists, and in May 2016 a new Decree came into force regulating the properties offered for holiday rentals. The above regulation addresses different type properties situated on residential land and offered on a regular basis as tourist accommodation at a fixed price.

Based on own knowledge and experience we must admit that the Andalusian law is significantly “softer” and simpler compared to many other regions of Spain (Balearic or Canary islands, Barcelona etc) allowing the activity to anyone as long as they comply with the regulations which are nothing than fair and are addressed at the benefits of both, the tourists and the owners. Failure to comply with the law may impact hefty fines starting from 2.000€ and going up to 150.000€.

Below is the list of requirements you and your property need to fulfil to obtain the Tourist Rental license:

Required documentation:

– First Occupation License, Title Deed, last IBI (rates) receipt

Other requirements:

– All rooms must have direct ventilation to the exterior or to inside patios and a system of darkening the windows (either blinds of         shutters)

– The property must be adequately furnished and equipped with the appliances, fixtures and fittings required for immediate use and         according to the number of accommodation places offered

– The property must have fixed cooling system if rented from May to September and heating if rented from October to April in each room, Living Room and each Bedroom.

– First aid kit available in the property

– All guests should be provided with tourist information about the location, leisure areas, restaurants, grocery stores, closest parking         facilities, medical services, transportation, as well as maps of the city and entertainment guides.

– All guests should be provided with contact details of the owner or operator for any incidents

– All guests should have at their disposal clear information and instructions on the usage of appliances and installations, as well as         internal regulations and restrictions if any

– Availability of Claims and Complaints book at guest’s disposal and a clearly positioned sign informing guests of the above

– Cleaning service on arrival and departure of each new guest.

– Linen, towels and household articles in proportion to the offered accommodation capacity, as well as a replacement set.

– Quoted price for the stay should always include all services: cleaning, linen, towels, air-con etc

Once you and your property comply with the above list and you have the required documents on hand you need to register for your Holiday Rental License. You will get a Tourist License Number and you can legally start the activity of tourist rentals. Don’t forget to include the above Tourist License number in any advertisement of your property.

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